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Mexico's Public School System

The developing country of Mexico, requires their students beginning in kindergarten and through high school, to wear school uniforms in order to attend public school. Each public school has their own unique uniform and school emblem.  Also required are the mandated set of shoes and socks along with school supplies. For a many families and orphanages, this is a financial burden.


While public schools in this developing country are free to attend, school uniforms and school supples are required but not provided. Most public schools require that each child have three sets of uniforms along with the specific shoes and socks in order to attend school. 


An every day uniform, a physical education uniform and a formal uniform for special school events along with the complementary shoes and socks, are all required of each child enrolled in school. Each set of uniforms costs an average of $85.00 US dollars while the minimum wage in Mexico is less than $9.00 US dollars A DAY.

The basic right to get an education is not being met by the vast majority of the population. An education in Literacy, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Geography and Physical Education are only a dream for most families in Mexico.

Help us put Mexico's low income and orphaned children in school by donating to our cause. Every donation goes directly to a low income child, young adult or orphan enrolled in the Mexican Public School System. 

Physical Education

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